What is The Most Effective Home Remedy for Dandruff?

The most effective home remedy for dandruff is, ‘keep your hair clean’. Women miss this out to pace up with their restless schedule. Dirty hair is the root to dandruff. If you want to free your scalp of dandruff, just focus on keeping your scalp clean and free of dust. Now days, people spend at least 10 hours out of 24 hours outside their house. In the meantime, hair might acquire heavy damage due to heavy exposure to UV rays, dust particles and pollutants.

Cleansing your hair is an effective home remedy for dandruff

The most effective home remedies for dandruff is, ‘keep your hair clean’. Women miss this out to pace up with their restless schedule. Dirty hair is the root to dandruff

Keep your hair clean’ is the base of freeing your scalp from dandruff. This is indeed the most effective home remedy for dandruff.

You should evenly distribute the naturally secreted hair oil throughout your scalp and from root to tips of your hair strands. You can use a bristle brush to do this. This will improve the blood circulation within your scalp as well as boost the sebaceous gland to enhance secretion of sebum oil. An acid mantle is formed with the combination of sebum and sweat that acts as a protective layer for your scalp. Your hair pores have to be clean, so that essential oils can penetrate deep into the roots of your hair and nourish your hair from root to tips.

You should wash your hair each time you return from outside, especially in the daytime. You should not let UV rays harm your hair by using UV-protective hair mask. Shampoos contain a pH level of 4-6 and are devoid of soap. Shampoos without soap are more acidic and balance the natural pH of hair. These shampoos do not wash away natural oils and also do not lead to swelling of hair streak. Use the right conditioners for your hair after shampooing. The conditioners will make your hair cuticles smooth.

You can use natural cleansers for your hair such as Aloe Vera and rosemary. These cleanse away dirt from your hair and prevent dust particles from blocking your hair pores. Anti-oxidant shampoos and conditioners are good for your hair. Individuals may also experience excessive dry skin cells on scalp during the winter season. Margosa and sandalwood oil are natural anti-microbial cleaners. You can utilize these ingredients to offer yourself a clean scalp that is free of harmful microbes.

Cleansing your hair properly is an ideal home remedy for dandruff. Do not let your hair pores be blocked with dust particles as that would make your scalp itchy and reddish. In the day time, smoke and pollutants generated from heavy traffic is harmful for your hair. People who possess dry scalp or dandruff should not step out in the daytime without UV-protective mask.

You should use natural cleansers if you do not find cosmetic cleansers to be very effective for you. Anti-dandruff shampoos, which are not too chemical in nature but contain more of natural ingredients are good for use. You should shampoo your hair daily and condition your hair to make your hair cuticles smooth and soft.

Source : Natural Homemade Remedies


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